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Facebook Security Basics

1. If you want to keep your images private do not upload them to Facebook. Part of their Terms of Use state that Facebook or any of its partner sites can use your image in any way they deem fit for free. So If you're a photographer or a private person, the advice is: DO NOT UPLOAD ANY PHOTOGRAPHS, VIDEOS, SONGS OR STORIES, ARTICLES ETC TO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.


If you DO want to upload photos etc to your Facebook account but want to keep them as private as possible, do the following:

Go to 'Privacy Settings'


Then make sure that all the following areas are set to 'Friends' and NOT 'Friends of friends'.


You may decide to place some people on your friends list in the 'Acquaintance' or 'Restricted' group. If you do - ensure that the options are set appropriately in the same filter:




To further safeguard yourself - please ensure that 'Secure browsing' is enabled:


To control who can post to your Timeline, alter the settings as shown below:



If you don't want to end up with emails from Facebook about the activity on your page, turn off all 'email notifications' by clicking 'edit' and turning off what you don't want:



To support a page, click the 'Like' box as shown here:


To 'Like' an item on a page click 'like' as shown below:



To share an interesting snippet, click on 'share' as below andadd your own words in your comment box:


To limit the number of post shown from a page that you like, simply highlight the 'Like' box and select the options that you would like to change without withdrawing your support for the page (eg untick 'Show in news feed'):






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