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Social Networking is a very important part of information sharing, whether it's for the purpses of commerce or education. People are talking to each other about their experiences, their purchases and other aspects of their lives.Let's focus on commerce and networking though. The top seven social networks by estimated user bases are:

Facebook: 955 million users
Google+: 250 million users
LinkedIn: 175 million users
Twitter: 140 million users
MySpace: 25 million users

The potential for getting the word out about your project, business or product is huge. You have to be realistic about how much time you can spend on social networking. Too little is ineffective, too much impacts on other areas of your business in anegative way. You have to find our own balance.The style of communication differs as well, eg Facebook and Twitter are very different in the way that they communicate with fan groups - Facebook is more versatile and you can get good quality communications out there where as Twitter places a 140 character limit on posts.I use both by linking Twitter to my Facebook business page. Everytime I update my status in Facebook, it automatically sends it to Twitter.

I highly recommend setting up a Facebook page for your business or project and linking it to a Twitter account of the same name. You can find a basic guide on how to do this in 'SnowMoon Wolf's Guide to Self-Publishing' (priced at £1, $1 or €1 plus tax from Amazon).

If used correctly, these forms of social networking can also help improve your rankings on internet search engines.

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