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LWPTSD - Exhibition: Living with PTSD
IWP - Exhibition: Intimacy with Plants

Date Name Address Event Comments
14/11/2014 Mr B Ilkeston LWPTSD
Best exhibition for a while. Really enjoyed it.
14/11/2014 Mrs F Ilkeston LWPTSD
Truly inspirational - very impressive photography.
14/11/2014 Mrs W Alfreton LWPTSD
Isnspirational - love it!
14/11/2014 Anna R Ilkeston LWPTSD
Good to see such contrasted work in such a lovely space.
13/11/2014 G P Nottingham LWPTSD
One of the best exhibitions here so far!
04/11/2014 Angella M Heanor LWPTSD
Great work, would like to see more.
27/10/2014 Kris B   LWPTSD
Very thought provoking! Love the canvases. An interesting exhibition, full of expressive works.
21/10/201 Annie M Ilkeston LWPTSD
Inspirational ... you have a true gift and I am pleased to have been able to share images from your marvellous exhibition.
21/10/201 Stella C Long Eaton LWPTSD
Fantastic - well done Wolf. Lovely hang!
21/10/2014 Jack B Long Eaton LWPTSD
Impressive photography and dedication to both the writing and art.
16/10/2014 Sarah H   LWPTSD
What great poetry. Well done.
16/10/2014 Mr C   LWPTSD
Love the Wolf, the eyes are so rich.
16/10/2014 Amanda B Ilkeston LWPTSD
Great works. Really love the idea behind this.
15/10/2014 Sophie S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Absolutely inspiring. Beautiful work.
15/10/2014 Denise P Ilkeston LWPTSD
Sense of calm and interest in world around us. Will visit again.
15/10/2014 Kate LP Derbyshire LWPTSD
Brilliant work, lovely space to showcase it.
15/10/2014 Sara G Beeston LWPTSD
A very emotive exhibition. Some of the images really got to the core of my heart. Lovely work. Thank you.
15/10/2014 Sharon S Nottingham LWPTSD
Love them all. Big Island 051 - luv it x
14/10/2014 Hannah W Sherwood, Notts LWPTSD
Moving and beautiful photos. I especially like the Canadian Abstract - just beautiful!
13/10/2014 Howie J Long Eaton LWPTSD
Your words are full of an inner feeling of life; the reflections of your eyes in the is amazing
10/10/2014 Maria DN Italy LWPTSD
Great job!
08/10/2014 N A Notts LWPTSD
So nice an sweet. Very good.
08/10/2014 Chris G Notts LWPTSD
Powerful poetry, beautiful and provocative. Thank you.
01/10/2014 Viola M Nottingham LWPTSD
Beautiful. Touching my soul. Photos are straight from heart.
31/09/2014 Jac A Glasgow LWPTSD
Wolf, as ever - thought provoking, deep, emotional, beautiful and inspiring.
31/09/2014 James F Glasgow LWPTSD
Very moving exhibition. The contrast of searching nature for peace as an escape from our own mind and thought is touching.
19/09/2014 David S Elmet LWPTSD
Thought - provoking and inspiring... Amazing courage and beautiful talent. Thank you.
15/09/2014 HD Nottingham LWPTSD
Amazing photographs!
14/09/2014 JW   LWPTSD
10/09/2014 Kris S USA LWPTSD
So much of his soul, combined with the imagery and poetry - life changing. Thank you for being brave and showing us your heart.
03/09/2014 Trevor P Normanton LWPTSD
Beautiful - inspiring use of words... Thank you.
03/09/2014 Vinnie S Rethink LWPTSD
Inspiring words, amazing images. Very powerful and gets your mind thinking.
03/09/2014 Marianne P Leicester LWPTSD
Wonderful work - such a tent. Thank you for sharing.
29/08/2014 Jo N Nottingham LWPTSD
Amazing images and powerful words
22/08/2014 Ian Malcolm Lord Mayor of Nottingham LWPTSD
Really very moving poems and lovely photography.
22/08/2014 William H Chesterfield LWPTSD
Enjoyed running around and squealing loudly (aged 14 months).
22/08/2014 Joe C Chesterfield LWPTSD
Love it all. Fabulous, powerful images.
22/08/2014 Nicola C Chesterfield LWPTSD
Beautiful glacier.
22/08/2014 Effie H Chesterfield LWPTSD
Adore 'Shades of Grey' and 'Intimicacy with Plants 003'.
21/08/2014 Soll I Nottingham LWPTSD
Beautiful pictures! 'Questioning' my favourite.
18/08/2014 Jan Lobban Senior Art Psychotherapist,
Combat Stress

Dear Wolf,
Your exhibition has achieved so much in highlighting the situation of veterans living with PTSD. Through your creativity you have raised awareness of the ongoing struggle to keep on top of symptoms and given the public a glimpse into the emotional aftermath of conflict on the peacekeepers, but also provided a channel of ‘escape’/hope through the compelling nature of your photography. Well done, it is a testimony to your resilience and determination.

15/08/2014 Federico T Nottingham LWPTSD
I find your veteran related poems very moving.
15/08/2014 Gulay O Ilkeston LWPTSD
Beautiful and inspiring photos. Poetry is just wonderful. Hope to see more words from Wolf!
15/08/2014 David L Ilkeston LWPTSD
I liked the bee and flower picture.
15/08/2014 Jeffet J Burton-on-Trent LWPTSD
Amazing work. Beautiful in a world so dark. A wonderful gift to help others. Bless you and your work.
15/08/2014 Alicia B Derbyshire LWPTSD
Absolutely love the poetry and photos. Really feel enveloped in the photos. So atmospheric and captivating.
15/08/2014 Jaison J Nottingham LWPTSD
Excellent work.
15/08/2014 Harminder N Nottingham LWPTSD
Excellent work, keep it up.
15/08/2014 Anon Nottingham LWPTSD
Really love the colours. Beautiful pictures. It's magic.
25/07/2014 Alyson L Nottingham LWPTSD Very powerful words and photographs.
25/07/2014 Jessica A Coalville LWPTSD Incredible photography and beautiful poetry. Loved this exhibition.
25/07/2014 Savita V Coalville LWPTSD Absolutely stunning work, very moving poetry, especially 'Veteran'. Congratulations on your fabulous work.
19/07/2014 Naomi W Coalville LWPTSD Love the photography, especially 'Shades of Grey'.
19/07/2014 Lynne W Coalville LWPTSD Amazing photography. Says so much.
19/07/2014 John W Coalville LWPTSD Awesome as usual.
18/07/2014 Sue C Coalville LWPTSD FANTASTIC - like pieces of art and brilliant awareness raising of PTSD.
14/07/2014 Grandma B, Laura B, Ella B, Keira B Coalville LWPTSD We had a lovely day! Cheers! It was awesome, loved it!
14/07/2014 Danni K Leics LWPTSD Wolf, I'm sorry I had to leave before it went up - looks great! Lovely work and beautiful poetry - magical.
13/07/2014 Mrs S   LWPTSD We had a lovely day as a family.
24/05/2014 J Hill Birmingham LWPTSD
Wonderful exhibition. Beautiful poetry. Well done everyone.
24/05/2014 T Riddings LWPTSD
Superb and inspiring. Privaliged to have been here. :o)
24/05/2014 Michelle C Ilkeston LWPTSD
Stunning pictures - especially like SnowMoon Wolf. Great stuff!! Do you do horses?
24/05/2014 Brian R Newthorpe LWPTSD
Great exhibition.
24/05/2014 GS Ilkeston LWPTSD
Beautiful pictures - memories of some places we've visited.
24/05/2014 Olivia N Ilkeston LWPTSD
I like it because I like it and they are all pretty and because they are all wildlife. Love from Olivia.
24/05/2014 HH Ilkeston LWPTSD
What a lovely unexpected surprise and opportunity to share such an experience with the children. Wonderful work and poetry.
23/05/2014 Cathy S Ilkeston LWPTSD
thank you very much for showing your pictures and poetry and an insight into your art!
23/05/2014 M&Z C Bilborough LWPTSD
Thank you.
23/05/2014 Lucy
Ilkeston LWPTSD
Came in a way to try and settle a cryer since waking. Settled! Happy kid. Thank you.
23/05/2014 MM Ilkeston LWPTSD
Breath taking imagery, wonderful pictures. AMAZING!
23/05/2014 Liz P Ilkeston LWPTSD
Amazing and really spoke to me as I have mental health problems.
23/05/2014 Rick D Whitby Yorkshire LWPTSD
Good enough to eat!!
23/05/2014 DP Crawley Sussex LWPTSD
23/05/2014 DW Ilkeston LWPTSD
Wonderful images.
22/05/2014 Chris S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Fantastic pictures. A great use of a lovely space.
20/05/2014 Kewal Singh,
Mayor of Erewash
Ilkeston LWPTSD
Found the exhibition to be very informative and thought provoking. In my opinion this should be shown UK wide!
20/05/2014 Lynne G Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very thought provoking with beautiful images.
17/05/2014 Anon Ilkeston LWPTSD
Good seaside pictures.
17/05/2014 Sue W Nottingham LWPTSD
All looks good.
17/05/2014 Zainab R Milton Keynes LWPTSD
Stunning pictures - great piece of art plus beautiful poetry to accompany them.
17/05/2014 AA Northampton LWPTSD
Beautiful pictures and great poetry -insightful and awed.
17/05/2014 Anne J Ainsworth LWPTSD
Great combination of photography and poetry. I enjoyed it. Perhaps some of them (poems) should be read.
17/05/2014 HC Cotmanhay LWPTSD
Very interesting photo-pictures and poetry.
17/05/2014 Sian S Ilkeston LWPTSD
The one of the Wolf and the Moon truly captures my attention.
17/05/2014 Paul S Borrowash LWPTSD
Terrific shots: Sea Eagle - Nepal - Intimacy with Plants.
17/05/2014 Gill H Ilkeston LWPTSD
Lovely pictures and poems.
16/05/2014 Carol M Ilkeston LWPTSD
Powerful and amazing.
16/05/2014 Ben S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Shades of Grey :o)
16/05/2014 Adrienne E Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very colourful and interesting places.
16/05/2014 K M Ilkeston LWPTSD
They're great.
16/05/2014 Claire C Ilkeston LWPTSD
Beautiful and soul searching. Thank you.
16/05/2014 Lillian
Ilkeston LWPTSD
Canadian Abstract 007 - wonderfull!
16/05/2014 Shaun S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Great depth of understanding - can only come from real experiences.
16/05/2014 JT Ilkeston LWPTSD
Beautiful, powerful imagery.
15/05/2014 CD Ainsworth LWPTSD
Beautiful poetry and photographs, does what it aims to do.
15/05/2014 JB Ainsworth LWPTSD
Really enjpyed the display. Thank you.
10/05/2014 AC Heanor LWPTSD
Excellent work.
10/05/2014 SP Ilkeston LWPTSD
My second visit. Stunning work.
10/05/2014 CB Ilkeston LWPTSD
The animal prints are gorgeous. Thank you.
10/05/2014 JM Ilkeston LWPTSD
I love this display. The poems and pictures.
10/05/2014 Jo H Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very good. Best I have seen in a long time.
10/05/2014 Paul P Ilkeston LWPTSD
Great gallery and photos, gives me some ideas when taking them.
10/05/2014 RB Trowell LWPTSD
Excellent poems and show of pictures.
10/05/2014 Derek W Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very good.
10/05/2014 Angie W Ilkeston LWPTSD
Excellent, very moving images with emotional expressions. Well done.
09/05/2014 Maggie S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Excellent and very interesting. Well done.
09/05/2014 Kevin L Ilkeston LWPTSD
Excellent photos. Thought-provoking poems. Well done, thanks.
09/05/2014 K W Stapleford LWPTSD
Very inspiring - makes me want to pick up a pencil & camera again!
09/05/2014 Eleanor M
Sarah C
Charlotte W
Ilkeston LWPTSD
Beautiful photography, captures the subject perfectly. Interesting compositions.
08/05/2014 Sheila G Ilkeston LWPTSD
Fab. Moving. A very deep experience.
08/05/2014 David M Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very moving.
08/05/2014 Linda H Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very good!
07/05/2014 Ashley Carter Nottingham LWPTSD
A captivating & emotional artistic journey through the life of a soldier. Thank you for sharing.
03/05/2014 Jon Souza Oregon, USA LWPTSD
Quite an experience. A compelling story in words and pictures. Beautiful, haunting.
03/05/2014 S&A Green Ilkeston LWPTSD
Brilliant, Vivid. Thank you.
03/05/2014 Bob U West Hallam LWPTSD
Thought provoking and profound. Excellent profound.
03/05/2014 CG Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very thought provoking. We will remember.
03/05/2014 Annie Dale Abbey LWPTSD
Stunning, poignant and the stillness was amazing.
03/05/2014 Lucy Larklands LWPTSD
Makes me want to go to some of the destinations.
03/05/2014 Sue West Hallam LWPTSD
tunning images, thought provoking verse.
03/05/2014 Jo Heanor LWPTSD
Truly inspiring.
02/05/2014 Susan & Luke Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very thought provoking poems. Love the pictures.
02/05/2014 Jade M Ilkeston LWPTSD
Thank you! Really enjoyed the images.
02/05/2014 David W Ilkeston LWPTSD
Brilliant photos and poetry
02/05/2014 Viv & Amy Stanley Common LWPTSD
Excellent images
02/05/2014 Lucy H Ilkeston LWPTSD
Lovely & tranquil. Ideal wth young children!
02/05/2014 Andrew G Ilkeston LWPTSD
Excellent images and poems.
02/05/2014 Richard W Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very interesting. Brilliant photography.
02/05/2014 Anon   LWPTSD
Your pictures are magical. I can't fault them. My favourite was the female wolf.
02/05/2014 A S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Wonderful pictures. The poems make you take stock of your own life.
02/05/2014 G S Ilkeston LWPTSD
What a wonderful thing to do. Lets have all the shops dealt with this way!
01/05/2014 Jacoov K Ilkeston LWPTSD
Amazing pictures.
01/05/2014 R A Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very impressive - lovely poems.
01/05/2014 J R Whatstandwell LWPTSD
Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs!!
01/05/2014 P T Kilburn LWPTSD
Beautiful. Especially wolves.
26/04/2014 Nicky, Ben & Ellie Ilkeston LWPTSD
We really enjoyed looking at your work, thank you, keep it up!
26/04/2014 Ian J Ilkeston LWPTSD
Absolutely outstanding work, Well done.
26/04/2014 Cathy S Ilkeston LWPTSD
26/04/2014 Josie & Peter   LWPTSD
Ab- Fab.
26/04/2014 Anon   LWPTSD
26/04/2014 Carole Kirk Hallam LWPTSD
Absolutely amazing! I would never have thought how life like the canvas makes these photos.
26/04/2014 Luca S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Really amazing photos!!! (Rainbows :o) )
26/04/2014 A Ilkeston LWPTSD
Truly fantastic. Thank you.
25/04/2014 Neville G Heanor LWPTSD
Inspiring pictures.
25/04/2014 Dennis Hallam LWPTSD
Super pictures.
25/04/2014 Sasha Ilkeston LWPTSD
Poems are touching.
25/04/2014 Conrad G Ilkeston LWPTSD
I have enjoyed it a lot. Thank you!
25/04/2014 Stella P Ilkeston LWPTSD
Enjoyed the exhibition - would like the poems in larger print!
25/04/2014 Gulay L Trowell LWPTSD
Great and deeply impressive images. Great photography.
25/04/2014 Ann W Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very exciting and calming - also very good.
25/04/2014 P S Ainsworth LWPTSD
Great images. Very interesting and much needed in Ilkeston.
25/04/2014 Alan W Cumbria LWPTSD
Superb images. Inspiring stuff.
24/04/2014 J M Ilkeston LWPTSD
Fantastic. Reminds me of Cornwall - some of the prints. I love it there and the poems are great. It's nice to read them. It makes you think a lot about the world around you.
24/04/2014 Don D Ilkeston LWPTSD
Brilliant, keep it up. Nice to see this shop put to positive use!
24/04/2014 D F Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very good. Love them.
24/04/2014 E B   LWPTSD
Very colourful.
24/04/2014 E B Cossall LWPTSD
Nice to see something different. Lovely work.
24/04/2014 S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Fantastic, beautiful, nice.
24/04/2014 K B Ilkeston LWPTSD
Interesting exhibition. Very imaginative!
24/04/2014 T R Ilkeston LWPTSD
Fantastic to find this haven in our local town of Ilkeston. We need more art, more culture, more life right here. This is a great start.
24/04/2014 Jack R Ilkeston LWPTSD
Verry good and interesting. The pictures were great!!!
24/04/2014 Sasha R Ilkeston LWPTSD
Really nice, the poems are very good.
24/04/2014 Faith Ilkeston LWPTSD
All of the pictures are amazing.
24/04/2014 Sara K Ilkeston LWPTSD
Beautiful photos - I thought they were paintings.
24/04/2014 Louise C Ilkeston LWPTSD
Beautiful photographs!
24/04/2014 Anita C Ainsworth LWPTSD
Beautiful work. Brings some class to the area.
24/04/2014 Trevor H Ilkeston LWPTSD
Fantastic photos and words.
24/04/2014 Sheila O Heanor LWPTSD
Beautiful photos!
24/04/2014 Joan & Julie Ilkeston LWPTSD
Really good exhibits
24/04/2014 Angela & Shelby Eastwood LWPTSD
Absolutely loved it. Very inspiring.
24/04/2014 C M   LWPTSD
Absolutely brilliant. Love the black and white.
24/04/2014 Francis C West Hallam LWPTSD
Looking into the eyes of the wolf, I can see your visions and pain.
19/04/2014 Karen   LWPTSD
Deep but true. Very moving work.
19/04/2014 Jeremy S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Beautiful imagery and words.
19/04/2014 Keith & Pammy H Nottingham LWPTSD
19/04/2014 Debra W West Hallam LWPTSD
Amazing photographs and wonderful poems. Love "This is my country too".
19/04/2014 Dave A Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very thought provoking. Enjoyable for perhaps a different insight.
19/04/2014 Anon Nuthall LWPTSD
Wonderful photographs. Thought provoking.
19/04/2014 Pauline & Nick Ilkeston LWPTSD
Excellent photos and very moving poems. Excellent.
19/04/2014 Julia & Katie Stapleford LWPTSD
Thought provoking. Nice change from shopping!
19/04/2014 Mandy & Angie Kirkhallam LWPTSD
We can see how the power of creation has the ability to soothe the mind - beautiful.
19/04/2014 Shirene D Ilkeston LWPTSD
Incredible!! Beautiful images. Great explanation given. Well done. Charming staff.
18/04/2014 Michelle C Ilkeston LWPTSD
Fantastic outlet for this Post Traumatic Stress. Very thought provoking and good to share.
18/04/2014 Haili D Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very pretty pictures. I'm impressed with the pictures.
18/04/2014 Christia H Ilkeston LWPTSD
Amazing work and awareness of PTSD. The Government should supply money to deal more with this.
18/04/2014 Chrissie H Ilkeston LWPTSD
Great space. Thought provoking words and pictures. Thank you.
18/04/2014 James R Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very good.
18/04/2014 Peter R Ilkeston LWPTSD
Incredible work, powerful and inspiring words.
18/04/2014 Amanda E Ilkeston LWPTSD
It's a lovely exhibition. Great photography. Interesting how it relays on canvas. Really amazing images and the effects are superb.
18/04/2014 Jane M Ilkeston LWPTSD
Lovely exhibition and beautiful pictures.
18/04/2014 Paul H Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very interesting, brilliant. A good cause to promote!
18/04/2014 Lynn C Ilkeston LWPTSD
Very moving.
18/04/2014 Paul & Julie M Ilkeston LWPTSD
Lovely and inspiring.
18/04/2014 Teresa J Ilkeston LWPTSD
Stunning!!! Poems to make an 'old fart' think.
18/04/2014 JB Ilkeston LWPTSD
Great images from a well traveled man.
17/04/2014 Julie G Long Eaton LWPTSD
Such visual delights and thought provoking words for the mind! A brilliant exhibition.
17/04/2014 Paul H Ilkeston LWPTSD
What a great space for one to exhibit. Great images and nice staff.
17/04/2014 Susan S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Great photos. Heartfelt poetry. Happy travels.
17/04/2014 Ben M Ilkeston LWPTSD
Really inspirational and moving. Amazing eye for beauty.
17/04/2014 Aisha B Ilkeston LWPTSD
Really nice pictures and poems. I think it's a really good shop.
17/04/2014 Conor B Nottingham LWPTSD
Some great work. I really liked 'Shades of Grey'.
17/04/2014 The Stevenson Family Ilkeston, Derbyshire LWPTSD
Beautiful photographs.
17/04/2014 Miss Smith Derbyshire LWPTSD
Interesting pictures. Some very 3D.
17/04/2014 Heather E
Jordon E
Emma E
Ilkeston LWPTSD
Amazing pictures with thought provoking poems. Fantastic.
17/04/2014 Darren S Ilkeston LWPTSD
Amazing pictures, great colours and very striking visually!
17/04/2014 LS Ilkeston LWPTSD
Great work. Very artistic.
17/04/2014 CH Ilkeston LWPTSD
Fantastic art work.
03/04/2014 CV Jones Derby Telegraph LWPTSD Truly enlightening, truly honest.
03/04/2014 J Heaney Derby City Council LWPTSD From a Veteran: Wish you all the best. Your images are fantastic. PTSD affects many Veterans and I take my hat off to you for what you are doing.
03/04/2014 Cllr Fareed Hussain Mayor of Derby LWPTSD This exhibition raises some deep issues related to PTSD.
28/03/14 David M Oakwood, Derby LWPTSD Unique and utterly lovely. Haunting - filled with light, invigorating and heartfelt.
24/03/14 Jools P Mickleover, Derby LWPTSD Excellent exhibition. Very thought provoking. Wonderful.
22/03/14 Rolf B Nottingham LWPTSD Really powerful representation and message of PTSD. Makes one realise how art can be used as a voice and mechanism to help.
19/03/14 Simon T Derby LWPTSD Very thought provoking, good luck!
13/03/14 Christina Shipley LWPTSD Amazing talent - such pain you have experienced. If only dictators of the world could see all this, war would not happen - and does not work. Thank God for people like you, letting us know the feeling. Thank you for being there fighting for us. Keep doing what you're doing.
13/03/14 Kath   LWPTSD Beautiful and inspiring way of expressing and overcoming difficulties.
13/03/14 Elle Derby LWPTSD Imaginitive way to promote such a difficult issue - it took my interest and hopefully will develop in a positive way and help sufferers - great photography and poetry. Thank you.
13/03/14 Linda Derby LWPTSD Such talent to integrate art, photography and poetry. Wonderful.
13/03/14 Venita Derby LWPTSD Thought provoking, hope after great difficulty. Inspiring!
14/02/14 Pat Ilkeston IWP Fantastic work. Well done. "Keep the good work up".
14/02/14 Tony F Ilkeston IWP Poems and pictures work well.
14/02/14 Kirsty Ilkeston IWP Inspiring colours, just what's needed in this weather
13/02/14 Cat Ilkeston IWP Beautiful and uplifting, butterfly is my favourite.
13/02/14 King Ilkeston IWP Thought provoking. A pleasure to see the photographs.
10/02/14 Anon Ilkeston IWP Love the work!
08/02/14 George Thornton Nottingham IWP It's been a sheer pleasure to work with such a talent. I hope the show continues to thrive and the issues and awareness for mental health are understood by many more!
08/02/14 Mr Talbot West Bridgford IWP Very good.
08/02/14 Linda L Leicester IWP So glad I got to come and see and read your exhibition and thoughts. Very profound.
08/02/14 Ivy B Nottingham IWP Trauma can come from many situations - the depth of your thinking is outstanding.
07/02/14 A Holland Nottingham IWP Intimacy with Nature. Great!
07/02/14 Matthew O Nottingham IWP Fascinating colours.
07/02/14 West Area Project Lenton Centre IWP It was very touching and interesting. Glad we came.
06/02/14 Jim W Nottingham DIY Poets IWP Fellow poet, you are my brother. Remember that.
06/02/14 David M Derby IWP For me and everyone with PTSD - haunting, speaks many truths.
05/02/14 David B Nottingham IWP Thought provoking, everyone should see it.
05/02/14 John C Cheshire IWP Outstanding. Very talented. Would love to meet and chat!!
02/02/14 Mary R Beeston IWP Fab exhibition!
01/02/14 Zibi M Nottingham IWP Really great job!
01/02/14 Viola M Nottingham IWP I love it - like all your photo - they are incredible.
01/02/14 M Girgis Leics IWP Inspiring!
01/02/14 S Edwards Mansfield IWP Fantastic images.
01/02/14 Kate E The sticks IWP Fabulous fabulous fabulous!!
01/02/14 Deven M London IWP Great photos. Can't wait to see the other albums.
01/02/14 Pratish K London IWP Great pictures - whole new world. Amazing.
01/02/14 Nikki E Notts HC IWP Fab pictures and very touching poetry.
31/01/14 Sherrelle B Nottingham IWP Beautiful!
31/01/14 Daniel G Nottingham IWP Visually stunning and highly moving poetry.
03/12/13 John W Facebook LWPTSD Went to see the WOLF exhibition of images and poems and was lucky enough to talk to the man himself. Suffers from PTSD following military service in N.I.and has suffered bad times from race hatred. His photography and poetry are his way of coping with something that will always be with him. Until you to talk to someone like him you do not realise how inadequate the availability of help for people like him is. VERY HUMBLING and a great exhibition. If you have not been you MUST GO.Talk to "Wolf" if you can as it will help you understand the reason for his superb exhibition.
02/12/13 Ann W Thurnby Lodge LWPTSD Very enjoyable and interesting images.
02/12/13 Hilary H Belgrave LWPTSD Interesting variety of images. Impressive!
01/12/13 Tony D Facebook LWPTSD One of the best exhibits I have ever seen to highlight such an important cause, Wolf's photographs are amazing and his words are so powerful and moving. Brilliant work, I hope he gets to show it in more galleries to help raise awareness of PTSD.
01/12/13 Tracy C Facebook LWPTSD Not only beautiful photos but a highly important message being spread, that of creativity and healing through the medium of photography. PTSD can affect anyone and raising awareness is a huge undertaking , to be willing to open your soul in this way takes great strength and bravery. I feel nothing but encouragement and deep respect. So glad I have been able to be part of all this on its journey so far and I look forward to fully supporting wolf as he takes it forward
30/11/13 Roger J Leicester LWPTSD A beautiful collection of images. Loving the content and narrative - also some great abstract elements. Super prints & colour.
30/11/13 Olga G Leicester LWPTSD Really impressed with the colours and shapes!!! Love it! Poetry is also an important element.
30/11/13 Marc G Nottingham LWPTSD I feel I understand more now. Thank you.
30/11/13 Lesley & Jonathon Leicester LWPTSD Full of amazing life and energy.
29/11/13 Roger P Bingham LWPTSD Very inspirational. Like the poetry.
29/11/13 M Kamal Lord Mayor of Leicester LWPTSD Very impressed. Soul stirring.
28/11/13 Michael & Anne   LWPTSD A truly wonderful exhibition with thought and feeling.
27/11/13 Bill N Leicester LWPTSD Inspirational poetry from a perspective we rarely get to hear. Had an interesting conversation with the photographer too. An unexpected surprise on a dull Wednesday afternoon.
27/11/13 John & Chris W Leicester LWPTSD Stunning. Even more so when you know the "back story", amid the pleasure of talking to the photographer.
27/11/13 Mary B Leicester LWPTSD Beautiful art work.
27/11/13 Jim T Mkt Harborough LWPTSD Just brilliant!
25/11/13 Rob Gee Facebook LWPTSD Leicester folk: Just seen a great exhibition of photos at the people's photographic gallery - ie the old library - lots of very thoughtful natural life images. Go!
25/11/13 Rob C Braunstone LWPTSD Very nice photography - enjoyed seeing your work
25/11/13 Sylvia J Leicester LWPTSD Love the diversity painting.
25/11/13 Stu E Mansfield LWPTSD Fantastic, creative,thought provoking.
25/11/13 EE May Hinckley LWPTSD Excellent work.
25/11/13 Michael C Hinckley LWPTSD Superb.
23/11/13 Harvey W Wigston LWPTSD Fantastic photos work. And great man to know too.
23/11/13 Kuldip H Loughborough LWPTSD Glad I made an effort to come up and see your work. Touched my heart and my soul. Amazing.
23/11/13 Zib M Nottingham LWPTSD Excellent work. Amazing pictures. I glad to have been here.
23/11/13 Joe C Cutthorpe LWPTSD Fabulous images and words. A true talent.
23/11/13 J Knight Wigston LWPTSD Brilliant
22/11/13 Pete WG Leicester LWPTSD Second Visit!
20/11/13 V Patel Leicester LWPTSD Brill!
20/11/13 Cllr M Sood Leicester LWPTSD Amazing works. Excellent artwork.
16/11/13 Simon M Facebook LWPTSD Saw the exhibition at the gallery on Friday - fantastic stuff Villayat!
15/11/13 Pete WG Aylestone LWPTSD Beautiful images. Thought - provoking poetry.
15/11/13 Jan A   LWPTSD Lovely works - beautiful poetry.
15/11/13 Menlupi   LWPTSD Amazing work. Brilliant talent. Lovely poetry, excellent - inspiring.
15/11/13 Darrell W Facebook LWPTSD Great images and really well presented. Recommend
14/11/13 T. MC Highfields LWPTSD Captures the moments of raw vibrant life and energy - well done. The poetic thoughts bring home what it is life and death as well as the images.
14/11/13 Tania S Leicester LWPTSD It's just fantastic. The poetry hits the core of one's heart. Thank you.
14/11/13 Jan WG Leicester LWPTSD Wonderful poems and pictures. Amazing. Thank you.
14/11/13 Philip T Facebook LWPTSD I second that....well worth seeing...Great images!
14/11/13 Nav B Facebook LWPTSD Nice image of texture, and ace collection of really good images
13/11/13 Tony D Midlands LWPTSD
Hey Wolf, I'm at the gallery now and I'm blown away! By far the most impressive exhibit I've seen here. The art and the message are so powerful. My partner suffers from PTSD I will be sure to bring her along to see it. Well done and keep up the good work!
13/11/13 Joelene M Huncote LWPTSD Lovely work, some very talented artists!
12/11/13 Kevin O Earl Shilton LWPTSD Every image has soul. They all speak to me.
12/11/13 Ellie G London LWPTSD Fabulous!
12/11/13 Georgia S Leicester LWPTSD Absolutely fantastique - so different.
11/11/13 Cleia C Leicester LWPTSD Fantastic photos, especially the wolves.
05/11/13 Viola M Nottingham LWPTSD It's so beautiful to see the world how you see it, thank you for your soul.
05/11/13 Lukel G Nottingham LWPTSD I love the photographs, beautiful poems.
05/11/13 David E Nottingham LWPTSD The photography is stunning. The poetry emphasises his pain.
05/11/13 Gale H Nottingham LWPTSD Love the pictures - would love to hear each story to be told be told behind them.
05/11/13 Steve S Chesterfield LWPTSD Love the exhibition, we would like 'Shades of Grey' please.
05/11/13 Linzi H Chesterfield LWPTSD Love the exhibition Wolf
05/11/13 Dean H Leicester LWPTSD I am humbled and very proud of my friend
05/11/13 Euan J Goodwood LWPTSD Superb talent and mind!
05/11/13 Pam E HMP Lowdham Grange LWPTSD Excellent exhibition, some really good pictures and poems. True talent.
05/11/13 Marie O Knebworth LWPTSD The Eagle!
05/11/13 Simon O Knebworth LWPTSD Fantastic Eagle!
05/11/13 Fong YT Wollaton LWPTSD Knowing Wolf in person is one thing, seeing his emotions & feelings shared in colours and image is soul searching.
05/11/13 John W Leicester LWPTSD An awesome exhibition. We both enjoyed it immensely. Excellent photography on display and for sale. True artist.
05/11/13 Mike G Narborough LWPTSD Absolutely fabulous - in the right place at the right time.
05/11/13 Dave P Manchester LWPTSD Brilliant beyond words. The pictures and the poems.
05/11/13 Tracy C Leicester LWPTSD Fantastic exhibition. Learned a load. Great company too!