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Soul of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran

Paperback released on 31 May 2013
Published by 'SnowMoon Wolf'
Paperback ISBN: 9780956488596
102 pages
Amazon Kindle details ASIN:B00D0EMUV0
Language: English UK

Soul of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran

From the Author

There seem to be subjects and issues that people would rather see swept under the rug. I would count Veterans with PTSD and racism in the UK among them, as well as the rise in corruption in the country. This volume of poetry gives you a glimpse at the issues concerned.

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Reviews for 'Soul of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran'

Independent Reviews
Lynette Pinchess
Feature Writer
Nottingham Post

26 May 2013
“Raw emotions pour from Wolf’s pen. His poetry moves me to anger, it makes me sad and it makes me bitter about the injustice that he and other veterans face. But the fact that he can bare his soul in this creative manner is genuinely uplifting. Stirring stuff.”  
Customer Reviews
Nancy Zilch

13 July 2013

Wolf has done it again . . .

One the best writers of poetry and prose. . . comes straight from the heart. . .helps to heal the author, while giving the reader insight into PTSD.

5 ot of 5

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