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Terms & Conditions of business


Colours will appear slightly different of all prints because of luminous quality of images on your PC monitors.

As default, all prints will be supplied unmounted and unframed, on the media size you request. Please be aware that the print size refers to the media format for printing purposes and that the image will be proportionate to the paper (eg a square image printed on 8"x12" paper will not fill the whole page and a canvas image that is square will be under 3ft x 2ft - it will be nearer 2.5ft square).

If you order a box framed canvas, it will be framed as shown below.



Orders will only be processed on cleared funds. Be sure of your choice before placing your order as I can't cancel the process once I have instructed 3rd party companies and your money will not be returned. Returns will not be accepted. There will be no refunds.

Care will be taken to ensure that your print/book reaches you without sustaining damage. The postage fee includes insurance through the Post Office/Courier service. Should your order be damaged, you will need to make a claim through the appropriate channels.

Blog only licences are a special offer and restricted to 500 pixels only.

Credit/Debit Card orders can be processed using Paypal or over the telephone.

Orders may take up to 21 days to produce dependant on the item purchased or because I may be away on location. If time is of the essence, please email me BEFORE you place an order.

Force Majeure: Any delay or inability of a party to perform obligations in accordance with this Agreement (other than the payment of money) due to Acts of God, strike or any other such matter beyond the reasonable control of such party shall be excused, shall not constitute a material breach hereof and performance under this Agreement shall be deemed modified to accommodate such impediment(s).

All images & books remain ©copyright of V Sunkmanitu. Any reproduction, digital storage or unauthorised usage of these photos or books is strictly prohibited without express written permission and doing so will breach UK and International copyright laws.

By placing an order, you confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by these terms & conditions.

Thank you
Villayat Sunkmanitu