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Words of a Wolf is an eclectic collection of poetry exploring a Veteran's experience of living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It provides an insight few will have seen to date.  The book also contains photographs.


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Published by 'SnowMoon Wolf' on 13 January 2010
Paperback ISBN: 9780956488503
64 pages

Published by 'SnowMoon Wolf' on 26 January 2012
Ebook ISBN: 9780956488558
Amazon Kindle ISBN: 9780956488510
File size: 1458 KB

Language: English UK

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Words of a Wolf is an eclectic collection of poetry exploring a Veteran's experience of living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It provides an insight few will have seen to date.  The book also contains photographs.

The book has been sold in the following countries: England, Canada, France, Greece, Scotland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, USA and Wales.

Income generated from the book will allow me to continue my therapeutic work and go towards funding an exhibition of photography and poetry to shed some light on the PTSD and hopefully promote some understanding of what people living with the condition face in their daily lives.


From the Author

What prompted this book?  Mainly meeting a continuous wall of ignorance and apathy in the the National Health Service (NHS) and Social Services when I moved to Nottingham in the UK to access care and support for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a UK Veteran.  It was such a contrast from the care and support that was available to me while living in Cornwall. Some of the darkest moments portrayed in this book are a direct result of those experiences.

Veterans require a specialist type of care but they also require consistent professional care.  This is something that the NHS in the UK are not geared up to provide simply because they operate on a time limited care model that is also limited by fiscal resources.  This means that they will allocate care towards us for a certain time but then the care will be cut off.  The implications are that we'll withdraw further into ourselves, simply because we may not be able to go forward and open up those scars again sometime further down the line in order to access the care and support we need should things get worse.  The consequences can be dire for Veterans.

I hope this sheds some light on a Veteran's perspective on living with PTSD.

Reviews for 'Words of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran'

Independent Reviews
Dave Puller
Poet, Writer

18 Dec 2011
He can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Brilliant. Words Of A Wolf (Snowmoon Wolf) by Villayat Sunkmanitu is poetry from an ex-squaddie, abandoned by the system, who found support from his family, another culture and an NHS worker who helped him survive.  
Aly Stoneman
LeftLion Magazine

11 Nov 2010
Sunkmanitu’s inspirational first collection of poetry and photography was created partly as a coping mechanism for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), an illness he contracted after serving in the armed forces. Using his creative work to raise awareness of this debilitating condition, the author discusses his mixed experiences of Mental Health services, poignantly outlining his frustration in ‘Circling the Drain’. The poem ‘Bottles and Bricks’ vividly details traumatic incidents from his time in Northern Ireland: ‘Parents stand behind their children, The first brick sails through the air…’ while other writing describes his quest for healing and peace of mind. Sunkmanitu’s desire to shed light on issues faced by veterans living with PTSD makes for a moving and informative read.  
Waterstone Bookseller Reviews
book seller
Location:Bournemouth, England
17 August 2012

Words of a Wolf

I looked into this originally becuase I love wolves. I was not expecting to read the poetry that it contained. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is often suffered in silence. The poetry here takes you on a journey that we seldom consider. Along with dealing with issues of racism this journey hopes to raise awareness of the silent destruction that can go unnoticed. A worthy space on my bookcase.

5 out of 5
book seller
Location: WATERSTONES Drake Circus

Age: 23
Top 100 Contributor
20 May 2010
Insightful Read!

This book is an insightful look at the authors experiences of post traumatic stress after a career in the armed forces through the use of poetry. It is both informative and moving and the use of such emotive poems is an unusal but brilliant way of looking at the disorder and conveying its effects on veteran's every day lives.

5 out of 5
book seller

16 May 2010

A powerful and affecting collection of poetry that seeks to shed light on the often misunderstood condition of PTSD. Sunkmanitu, himself a sufferer of PTSD, has produced an enlightening and eclectic mix of poetry reflecting the everyday struggles that this condition has on the individual and by drawing on Native American wisdom how some form of solace can be found with the interaction of nature. The volume is enhanced further by the inclusion of a selection of Sunkmanitu's beautiful photography. A thought-provoking read gives a clearer understanding of PTSD and reflects the natural talents of Sunkmanitu as a poet and photographer despite the challenges of everyday life.

4 out of 5
book seller
Adele Swanson at Waterstones - Aberdeen Unionbridge

07 April 2010

A deeply insightful and moving collection of poems

From hard-hitting poems that offer stark honesty into life as a sufferer of PTSD, to calm, uplifting poems offering a sense of relief and hope away from the pain of this condition. A great read for those who want to have a better understanding of this condition and for those who can relate.

4 out of 5
Customer Reviews
Location:Nottingham, UK

19 September 2012
Words of a Wolf
A powerful book of words!! The reader gets a strong sense of the emotion and trauma experienced. A book to make you think and want to revisit at various times in your own life journey. Beautifully written- beautifully shared! Thank you
5 out of 5
Location: UK

19 September 2012
Inspiring, a collection of diverse poetry , detailing the emotions of a varied and traumatic life, accompanied by photographs by the author. Recommended reading.
5 out of 5
Frankie 78
Location: Motta di Livenza, Italy
Age: 34

18 September 2012


Breath taking, absorbing, captivating....
My favorite: When they come back.
I finally realized why the veterans I know never want to talk about their experience not only in war, but in general in the service; why they just try to pretend it's not part of their history...because they are alone. And their families are too.
After "feeling" these poems, the sense of abandonment and betrayal that the author expresses so clearly, I really cannot understand how today's society that is supposed to be modern and aware, is still not seriously dealing with PTSD.
It's amazing how this author was able to put into "simple" words feelings that are so deep and hard to express.

5 out of 5
Mareno di Piav
Location:Mareno di Piave, Italy

18 June 2012

Great reading!

For a person who is a novel lover and read poetry only when had to for school readings...I really enjoyed this book!! A discovery...and more than a pleasant surprise...:)
5 out of 5
Location: Nottingham

26 April 2012
An exciting new poet

I originally bought this book to support a worthy cause. Wolf has a clear agenda, to raise awareness of PTSD, it's something I know a little about through studying the war poets at school and reading Pat Barkers' Regeneration. As much as I loved their writing there is still a detachment, tragic, but it didn't feel personal. Wolfs' book makes it personal. I didn't think I would have much in common with a war vet and his experiences, but I was surprised at how much I related to the poetry. You don't see an ex-soldier, you see a human being, the words and beautiful photographs in this book will make you laugh and cry. He delivers a poignant message without ever reverting to preaching and I can't wait to see how his poetry develops.
5 out of 5

8 April 2012

Wolf is his name and the book has the exposing honesty of the natural world.
Reading the poems has the cleansing effect that spending time in nature has on your soul.

If you are hurting there are poems here where you will find companionship in the expression of an open honest heart similarly suffering.

If your heart is disturbed by these quoted lines
" ...where monetary gain counts more than an innocent smile..."
then this is a book for you also.

But these are not just 'pain poems'; they are Life-filled poems, with its many facets.

I really like the apt photos that speak so succinctly too.
4 out of 5
Location: England

31 March 2012
The way Wolf has whittled down the life of a veteran to mere truth has increased my understanding of PTSD and moreover my father who is a veteran.
5 out of 5

Derek Thompson

8 Feb 2012

Behind the armour

I worked with the author on an edit and was subsequently asked if I would write a foreword. This is a contemporary book of poetry, dealing with difficult themes such as isolation, trauma and loss. But it is also a work of hope, of seeing through pain and the past to the possibility of a different future. Although this is a book that brings to light issues surrounding PTSD, it also speaks to and for anyone who has known difficulties in their lives and who continues to face up to those challenges.

5 ot of 5


03 February 2012

Beautiful, haunting

Wolf’s connection to nature and his ability to see and express beauty ubiquitous, to reveal windows to the soul both touch and haunt. His enduring optimism embraces trauma past touching the present. Photographs by the author illustrate each poem and remind how our life experience makes us what we are today. Walk in the snow; listen to the sea; read Words of a Wolf.

5 out of 5
Location: Surrey, England

16 September 2011

Poignant words from the heart and soul

Wolf's poetry is beautiful, straight from the heart and soul of a man who has been to a dark place, but through his words and photography together with the teachings of people from Native America has found a coping strategy for his PTSD. It is worth buying as we can relate this to events in our own lives.

5 out of 5
Location: Devon, UK
Age: 42

14 September 2011

An Insight deep into the soul of the writer

This is one of those books that you don't just read once, you come back to it time and time again. This gave me a deep insight into the mind and feelings of the writer with a sense of compassion and understanding. Not only does this touch on the coping mechanisms (poetry & photography) of PTSD but also shows us how we can relate to events in our own lives and find our own coping strategies. It is a very enjoyable read and well worth a purchase.

5 out of 5
Location: Wales
Age: 50

03 June 2010

Powerful and moving poetry.

When I first read this collection I was struck by the raw, open nature of the poems. However, there are deeper layers of meaning and ideas to explore with each reading. Although this poetry certainly highlights the pain and suffering associated with PTSD it is equally as relevant to any reader. As with all poetry we take from it what we need and what is relevant to us. I think it is the sort of poetry that would strike a chord with anyone, even those who claim not to like or understand poetry.

5 out of 5
Troutdale Jon

28 April 2010

Loved it

I am a writer myself and got turned on to this book by someone reading mine. I really enjoyed the writing and the honesty in it. I have been through a lot of trauma in my life myself and can also relate to the pain shared in the book as well as the hope. Recommend checking this one out

5 out of 5
Karen Tryfona
Corfu, Greece

07 April 2010

Totally moving

I received this book yesterday and could not put it down, I found it so moving that it made me cry. Have just read it again for the second time and can feel such an insight into just how a person can become affected by traumatic events which leave lifetime scars. Thank you Wolf for sharing such powerful feelings and emotions with us all, this is a book I will never forget....

5 out of 5
Donna Lynn

30 March 2010


There is something in "Words of Wolf" that will touch everyone! I laughed, I cried and I truly felt for people who suffer from PTSD. I sat down and read this all at once, which is difficult when you have two children running around the house:-) Thank you Wolf for sharing your poetry with us.
5 out of 5

27 March 2010

Book for a lifetime

Moving poetry that is heartfelt and often heartwarming, but which also reflects so much pain. A book to dip into whenever you have a quiet moment to yourself, and one to turn to when life gets too much. Keep it on your bookshelf for ever.

5 out of 5
King Tanti
Edmond, OK

Age: 41
25 March 2010


What an amazing body of work! You can feel the authors true range of emotion from poem, to poem. To bring such a difficult subjuct to light makes one vulnerable. I have so much admiration for Wolf in the fact that he exposes us not only to PTSD, but the challanges of those who suffer from this dreadful diagnosis. Through Wolf's words, you see the pain, the love, and the humor, of a very talented artist! If you have not viewed his photography, or read his blog.... You are missing out! www.wolf-photography.com

5 out of 5
Ams,  Canada

20 March 2010

A different view of a two-legged wolf

My father had PTSD. I have PTSD. If you have made it this far, go ahead and buy this book. Proceeds will help fund a national poetry and photography exhibition.
This book has given me personal insight into the mind of a man, a father, a partner, a soldier and a police officer...a human being suffering for having done what he could to follow 'the rules' to help and protect others. This book helped bring me healing. I am very thankful these words were written and published alongside the photos.
While PTSD affects not only verterans, the fact remains that many troops will be coming home soon, creating an even more widespread issue. Learn what you can to help support the troops coming home. Don't turn away because of fear or ignorance of how you can help. Join the 'Words of a Wolf' Facebook page! h ttp://www.facebook.com/Wolf.Photographer

4 out of 5
Nance, USA

10 March 2010 

Moving, uplifiting and inspiring

To me, this is definitely a keeper and something I will read again and again. I somehow find peace in almost all of the poems and can connect with many of the feelings put forth, even not having PTSD myself. It is surely something that everyone should read as I think everyone can connect, in one way or another, with what has been written.

5 out of 5
Chelley, Plymouth

Age: 43
09 March 2010 


This book arrived at a time of immense grief for me having just lost my dad. the words made me laugh cry and explore my feeling over his death and the realities of life. these poems are not just for those who suffer or live with someone suffering from PTSD but those suffering from grief within thier lives.
Well done Wolf you have made the world a better place not only with your pictures but have now made it better with your words. xx

5 out of 5

Age: 227
09 March 2010 

Really brought it home

Being a veteran isn't the only thing this is about, but when I read Words of a Wolf, it really brought into sharp relief - and 'sharp feels as though its the right word - something of what it means to be a veteran, though I don't wish to assume it's been like that for anyone else, with respect. I'm not, and haven't been, any kind of combatant, and this has meant that I've not really understood, but reading this has, in many ways opened my eyes to some things that Wilfred Owen  or Siegfried Sassoon spoke about for WWI - a war that was a very long time ago and only now really in the history books.
For me, the Words of a Wolf, bring into the present, into my history, place into context, for me, the struggles and the sacrifices that (without being a jingoist) our armed forces personnel make - Words of a Wolf give some expression as to the cost of it all- the cost that seems somehow, even though I didn't ask for it, still seems, somehow, 'in my name'.
I felt deeply moved reading Words of a Wolf.

5 out of 5
Devon dame, Exeter area, Devon

Age: 66
08 March 2010

Excellent reading

This is a great book, well written and illustrated. The images reflect the emotions felt when writing the poems and it is very moving. It has helped me tremendously - everyone should read it.

5 out of 5

Age: 43
07 March 2010 

I can only recommend this book

I am a german living in france and like a ex soldier from the foreigner legion, i feel very concerned over this desise. this book its very well writing. the poetrys are maked to make you thinking about what you lived in the soldier time and make you feel better , i think that its make you easier feeling in your allday life. read it and love it. siegfried

5 out of 5
Taff, Plymouth england

Age: 42
07 March 2010

Fantastic book

I'm an ex soldier who suffer's with ptsd and this book hits home of what we go through on a daily basis the poems are excellent and i recomend that you buy this book its fantastic.


5 out of 5

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