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Any artist can exhibit with Disabled Artists' Network CIC from any country.  The accompanying statement is a very important part of the exhibition.  Disabled artists have to say a little bit about their disability and how art helps them, whereas non-disabled artists have to explain how creativity generates a sense of well-being. This is done to inspire others to take up some form of creativity to promote well-being.

Our exhibitions are open to any sort of visual art that can be photographed or filmed (eg designs, drawings, paintings, illustrations, pottery, knitting, felting etc, as well as photography itself). If you have an idea - submit it and let's see if we can display it for you.

There is no charge to exhibit with us.

If you sell your art, there is no commission to pay. However, if you are able to donate something to the project towards our running costs, it would be appreciated.



To apply to exhibit with us simply email applydan(at)wolf-photography.com and tell us your idea for your exhibition.

Send us up to 9 hi-rez images of your art/photography together with your statement. It must be a cohesive set. Please ensure that your file names reflect your copyright (eg copyright_Villayat_Sunkmanitu_silver_wolf.jpg - or copyright_Villayat_Sunkmanitu01 where your art doesn't have a name).

If selected, your art will be displayed as slides on a 43 inch screen. Slides are limited to 9 per application, plus your statement. If you only have one piece of art to exhibit, just submit that together with your statement.

If you want to sell your artwork, you must include your contact details but please don't include the price on your statement, as we don't get involved in selling your art. Potential buyers will contact you direct.

Your statement must explain something about your disability and how what you create helps you to cope. Alternatively, if you are not a disabled person, your statement must show how your creativity generates a sense of well-being. The statement needs to fit on a sheet of A4 with a size 14
Calibri font. This must be a text document not a graphic or a pdf file.

As the venue is a digital zone, you will need to take good quality images of your work that are at least 2,000 pixels on the longest side. Please don't use flash photography, unless you are an experienced photographer and can eliminate the unwanted effects of the flash.

If you are a photographer or a digital artist, you just need to submit files that are at least 2,000 pixels longest side. All images must be JPGs.

Please do not watermark the images that you send in but please do ensure that your metadata is entered if you know how to do it. The images will be watermarked for you as part of the content editing process.

Please ensure that you network with us and share the project info on your social media feeds, as that is a condition of exhibiting with us.


Intellectual Property Rights

All images remain the Intellectual Property of the applicant. By submitting the images you are authorising Wolf Photography & Disabled Artists' Network CIC to exhibit your art at our venue, on the project website and social media channels and to use your images to publicise the work of the project (all such uses will be credited to the applicant).

Applications are being accepted now for the first 21 slots. The application process doesn't stop; if one show is full, applicants will automatically be moved to the next one.

If your application is accepted, you will be invited into the Facebook DANV3 group as we take care of exhibition business there. Don't worry if you're not on Facebook, we can communicate via email.

Please ensure that you read 'Application Guidelines'.


Exhibitors’ Agreement

1. You understand that this is a voluntary project with the sole aim of Promoting Creativity as a Coping Mechanism for Disability. The purpose being to inspire people with disabilities to take up some form of creativity.

2. We are exhibiting your art for free for you.

3. We will take reasonable steps to safeguard your Intellectual Property within our collective skill set and assume no rights to it in any way.

4. Anyone wishing to purchase your art will be asked to contact you. Disabled Artists’ Network CIC will not be involved in selling your art work.

5. Disabled Artists’ Network CIC is not in any way liable for the misuse of your Intellectual Property. We will display your art with your statement at our exhibition venue and on the internet with reasonable security safeguards in place but we are not responsible for the actions of people choosing to steal your Intellectual Property.

6. Disabled Artists’ Network CIC is not financially liable to you in any way for any misuse or theft of your Intellectual Property and you agree not to take any legal action against Disabled Artists’ Network CIC, its directors, secretary and volunteers related to theft or abuse of any Intellectual Property unless they are directly involved in breaching said laws.

7. By applying to exhibit with Disabled Artists’ Network CIC, you agree to the above conditions.

Please click here to download the 'Exhibiting with DAN' document.