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Print Purchase:

I was introduced to Wolf Photography and Wolf's books through my husband. I too suffer from PTSD and was intrigued to read about how Wolf was dealing with his. Although I enjoyed the books very much and learned a lot about him, Wolf's photography is what really inspired me. I love wolves.

I have been an avid follower of his photography for several years, but had never been able to purchase a print of my own. Upon a recent trip to Europe, my husband was able to go to one of the exhibitions and found a wolf picture that he knew I would love. He called me in the states, had me look at the picture on the site, and he was right. I fell in love with this wolf. The photograph is entitled, 'Questioning' and it spoke right to my heart. That very day, I ordered my first of (I hope, will be many) his photographs.

The online ordering was super easy and I found the price very reasonable. A few clicks and it was on the way. It arrived here in the states, much quicker than I anticipated. It was securely packaged in a tube that was not damaged in any way. When I opened it and spread the photo out on my dining room table (30x40), I was awestruck. The image of that wolf looking back at me pierced me right in the heart. I now have this beautiful wolf hanging in my family room. A constant reminder of the heart of a wolf and his ability to protect his family.

Kris S - USA 2014

Book review:

Living with PTSD - Journey of a Veteran was a book that I truly enjoyed that focused on a veteran and his personal battle with PTSD.

My husband is a veteran and when he was done with his service, he suffered from PTSD. It was hard for me to understand what he was going through and I figured that this book would keep me in touch with PTSD. This book is extremely helpful for anyone who is suffering from PTSD. I think it's misunderstood in society what these veterans are going through after their service is up. Many people don't understand and I think this book is a helpful tool in understanding what they are going through. I also passed the book along to my husband, who has found the tips to be helpful so far.

I think one of the most unique and brilliant thing about this book is the usage of pictures. The pictures are brilliant and as a visual learner, they helped me stay tuned into the books. The poetry is also fantastic in this book and very gripping. I honestly thought that I would never be able to understand PTSD and what my husband is going through, but this book has really helped me along in coming to an understanding. I would honestly recommend this book to anyone who is battling PTSD or if you know someone who is. The book is well-written and the author understands what PTSD is and how to deal with it. I'm so thankful for the author and how willing he is to share his personal story. This is a must read.

Yasmine S - USA 2014

Exhibition related comments:

Artcore hosted Wolf Photography Exhibition ‘Living with PTSD’ at Artcore Gallery in Derby from 11th March to 4th April 2014.
Wolf through his work is challenging disability and raising awareness through creativity.

We value Wolf's involvement with Artcore. The exhibition programme presented was a great success and created awareness amongst the members of the community locally especially in the Normanton and Arboretum areas of Derby, where otherwise the audience would not get an opportunity to view such involving artworks.
The artworks demonstrated the high artistic standards.
We respect the commitment he brings to his projects and the communities the show is able to connect with through the works.

Artcore, Derby - England 2014


It's been a sheer pleasure to work with such a talent. I hope the show continues to thrive and the issues and awareness for mental health are understood by many more!

George Thornton Art Gallery, Nottingham - England 2014

Photography review:

Amazing photographs made by a real artist in catching the soul of animals, colors and movement, expecially in natural sights. Also, great human portraits that give to a face the right character. Mr. Sunkmanitu has a natural and exclusive talent in handling the photocamera, choosing the right time, point of view and settings to shot charming photos. He can save with his camera pure instants of grace. This is not just creativity, but something more.

Cris G - Italy 2013

Print Purchase:

Absolutely delighted with my two canvases of Polar Bears and 2 prints. Were even better when saw in the flesh, details were so sharp and brilliant quality.

Thank you for such an easy payment option as well as the very quick dispatch, received them all within a couple of days. Now look suberb framed, I will definately be purchasing more of your work, so so happy with complete service. Thank You.

Donna M - Scotland 2012

Exhibition in the USA:

I got to see some of your pics at a showing of Mat Jones 12/112010. I loved the Pic with Pup and one that we called single wolf they are awesome.. and now I see the pics you have here and they are too sweet.. wow.. Thank you.

Donna B - USA 2010

PTSD Awareness Worksop:

Excellent. Very interesting. Enlightening. I feel lucky to be able to maybe listen and learn more and spread some small wisdom.

Sarah J, Womens Institute 2014
Intellectual Property Workshop:

Wolf's talk took quite a dry subject and made it engaging. His short talk was packed with useful hints and tips. I enjoyed his informal, friendly style.

Sarah, Nottingham University 2012

PTSD Awareness Workshop for NHS Mental Health Professionals:

A very insightful and captivating look at Wolf's history and what led to his current situation. Good and informal discussion regarding services and perceived improvements that could be made.

Andy S, NHS Doncaster 2014