Exhibition Intimacy with Plants

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Purpose of the Exhibition
Intimacy with Plants is a set of images that were created as part of my development and funded through the Arts Council England. Smaller venues hired this collection that is aimed at accessible photography via the creation of an eco-friendly garden. The collection is a set of 15 A3 sized images that examine the wonderful macro world that can exist in your own garden; allowing you the opportunity to create beautiful art at those times when leaving your home may be problematic or difficult. There was also a smaller selection of poetry accompanying the images that raised awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Intimacy with my Garden is a book that is still being written exploring the issues of making an eco-friendly garden to entice in wildlife for the purposes of photography in your own back garden to promote a sense of well being.

Intimacy with my Garden Arts Council England


The following venues hosted Living with Intimacy with Plants:

Venue Date Visitors
George Thornton Art Ltd, Nottingham Feb 2014 115
Wash Arts, Ilkeston Feb 2014 88
CAFE, Former Burton Menswear, Ilkeston Apr - May 2014 1234
The Indian Community Centre Association, Nottingham Aug - Oct 2014 1060
Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, Ilkeston Oct-Nov 2014 680

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