Living with PTSD

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Purpose of the Exhibition
To raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through poetry from the 'Poetry of a Veteran' trilogy. To demonstrate the healing/coping mechanisms that can be tapped into via creativity (in this case photography). To signpost services for support. To educate artists on their Intellectual Property rights and demonstrate techniques that can be used to safeguard your work on the Internet. To provide workshops for civilian groups, veterans and NHS professionals to raise awareness of PTSD.

Exhibition Content
22 Canvas prints of images from around the world; wildlife, scenery and some architecture. Some of the images were in colour and some black & white. There were also 21 poetry boards displayed around the various venues. The layout was flexible dependent on the availability of space at the various venues ... but there was a strong narrative touching on the issues of growing up between cultures in the UK as an Asian in the 60s and beyond, racism, PTSD in and racism in the Armed Forces, racism in the Metropolitan Police and the progression of PTSD into civilian life that ended in a message examining the futility of war. The poetry also promoted acceptance, equality and tolerace on grounds of religion, culture, gender and sexual orientation.

All of the images and poetry, as well as some insight into and support for PTSD are in the book that accompanied the exhibition: Living with PTSD - Journey of a Veteran (ISBN 9780956488541) - available at all good book stores and on Amazon Kindle (Kindle Fire onwards recommended for colour images or view them on your PC/Tablet/Android etc via a free Kindle reader from Amazon). More detail on 'Books'.

Living with PTSD - Journey of a VeteranArts Council England


Images of the exhibition activity are available for viewing on Facebook.

There are five short videos on you tube as part of the project and a 45 minute documentary that explores the reasons behind the exhibition.


The following venues hosted Living with PTSD:

Venue Date Visitor count
The Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery Nov - Dec 2013 3269
Artcore - Derby Mar- Apr 2014 120
CAFE, Former Burton Menswear, Ilkeston Apr - May 2014 1234
Snibston Discovery Museum, Coalville Jul 2014 3061
The Indian Community Centre Association, Nottingham Aug - Oct 2014 1060
Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, Ilkeston Oct - Nov 2014 680

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