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Exhibition 18D



Joining the group
To apply to join, please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/WIPEG. You will need to answer the 3 questions on the application process and agree to the group rules.

If you can't see the questions and agree to the group rules, please contact me direct on: https://www.facebook.com/Wolf.Photographer/. If you don't follow the process above, your application won't be accepted.

This is a group for people contributing poetry to the 'Wolf International Poetry Exhibition'. To keep your membership active, you must post a minimum of 1 poem a month. Don't create a situation for yourself by posting all of your poems up in a short space of time ... ration them to help you through the 'dry' periods when the words don't flow as easily.

Once you have become an exhibitor (ie one of your poems has been exhibited in Tesco) you cannot be removed and you no longer have to submit a poem every month. You won't be removed from the group unless you breach our general code of conduct - no abusive behaviour, bullying or any form of discrimination etc.

Please pay careful attention to the submission format - poems that don't will be deleted.

PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD IMAGES WITH YOUR POEMS. Your poem should be painting a scene in the imagination of the reader. Images are neither required nor accepted.

Submissions from any country are invited but the poem must be in English.


All poems submitted must be in PLAIN TEXT - please do not submit images of poems, or share posts from elsewhere - and only as follows:

You must own the rights to all submitted work. Your poem MUST use the following layout:

Poem title

Your poem (Captial letters on new lines unless it's a continuation - with appropriate punctuation),
Your poem,
Your poem,
Your poem,
Your poem.

©Copyright Your name

Here is a video guide re submissions and format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdnzjB49AQU.

Successful applicants will have their poems displayed at Tesco and on the website and will be given the opportunity to have their poem published in an online book to support this project.

Please remember that this free community project is run by people with disabilities. We work hard to keep the exhibition venue alive with your valuable content - but we have to minimise our workload in order to facilitate the different exhibitions at the venue.

There are no geographical boundaries associated with this project; you can apply from anywhere in the world but you must have work ready to publish.

Intellectual Property Rights

All poems remain the Intellectual Property of the applicant. By submitting the poems you are authorising Disabled Artists' Network CIC (referred to as DAN CIC) & Wolf Photography to exhibit your poem at our venue and on the project website and to use your poem to publicise the work of the project (all such uses will be credited to the owner).