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Welcome to the Disabled Artists' Network CIC (DAN). The emphasis of the project is to inspire people to try some form of creativity as a way of coping with the various difficulties we face in life, particularly mental health issues and physical disabilities. We also allow non-disabled artists to exhibit with us that can evidence how creativity generates a sense of well-being.

Our main exhibition venue is Tesco Bulwell Extra, Nottingham NG6 8EQ. Our art is also displayed on www.wolf-photography.com.

This is how our exhibition venue looks. We have been running exhibitions for 6 years, 5 years here at Tesco now. Our exhibitions are free for contributors and visitors.

If you're an established artist, this project gives you some good exposure and you help to inspire people to try some form of creativity. In addition, you'll get some coverage on our social media channels and high-traffic website. Click here to if you would like know more about exhibiting with us.


Work is currently being done to develop an online version of the exhibition for people that can't reach the main venue. Please be aware that the project is run by volunteers and none of us take a salary for the work we do for these projects.

Please click here if you'd like to be a corporate supporter. Our supporting documents are here.

We are now in a position to start receiving applications from artists. The guidance is now live - click 'Apply' in the menu on the left above.

Please click here to read our equality & diversity, grievance and child protection arrangements.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu
Disabled Artists' Network CIC