DAN V3.0, Disabled Artists' Network








To apply to join, please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/DANMu. You will need to answer the 3 questions on the application process and agree to the group rules. If you can't see the questions and agree to the group rules, please contact me direct on: https://www.facebook.com/Wolf.Photographer/.

If you don't follow the process above, your application won't be accepted. This is the newest part of the project.

This is a group for people that want to share music that they have made from anywhere in the world. You can post videos, links to your track from Soundcloud, YouTube or any other website that plays your music. It must be your own composition that you are performing and must be your own arrangement (yes, you can post on behalf of a group).

Playing your version of a popular piece of music is acceptable to show yourself practising on the group page but will not be shared publicly. You will be limited to posting one submission a day. The same rules apply as with the other groups - you're either an artist with (or someone in your band has) a disability ... or you use music to generate a sense of well-being. Please say something about this on your initial post. You won't have to keep repeating yourself.

If you want to say something about a particular piece of music that you have uploaded - please feel free to do a write up with the link. Your link will be shared to https://www.facebook.com/Wolf.Photographer/ which has 70k likes at the moment and on the project YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/WolfPhotographyVideos.

Feel free to get tips off each other and share knowledge on how to setup a home studio etc and feel free to collaborate on tracks with each other. Please do not critique other people's music unless asked for by the owner of the track. Please don't upload music that you haven't created.