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In order for this project to work, we ALL have to network with each other and that means sharing news and posts from each other too. Social media has given us huge opportunities but not many members of DAN CIC take advantage of it. A lot of the newer members to the group are from LinkedIn and come from a business orientated background, so they're experienced at sharing and promoting each other. If you are looking to sell your art, please learn from them.

The ethos of this exhibition group has always been that we share each other's art related posts (plus anything else that we feel like sharing).

The same needs to be done for this project too, you all need to do your part by doing 3 simple things: Click 'Like', comment and 'share' under the posts you see please because we're sharing awareness of important issues but in the main, we are sharing awareness of YOU.

A network isn't one person working alone, it's everyone working together.

If you like what someone else is doing, ask them about it. If you'd like to try different techniques or fields of creativity, ask for guidance. Please help each other.

All of DAN CIC's posts start from our main Facebook page - so please share from there whenever you can as that is our main social media channel. We will share posts about your art from there and our volunteers will share it to the other platforms listed below.

We also need reviews about the project, please would you leave them on the Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Google listing etc.

We also have poster templates for you to use about these exhibitions and would be grateful if you would use them to publicise your exhibition when live. You will also find a preview video of the exhibition you are featured in on the YouTube channel, please share that too while your exhibition is on - it would be great if you shared the other videos too.

If you are not local to the area - you may wish to make 2 posters: one for the locals and one for your international followers.

Thank You.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu
Disabled Artists' Network CIC


Website Wolf Photography is the company that runs DAN CIC
Facebook Wolf Photography's main social media platform
YouTube All large videos are shared from here
LinkedIn My LinkedIn page for general use
Blogger My blog
Twitter https://twitter.com/wolf_photo
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wolfphot/
Google business Wolf Photography - Disabled Artists' Network CIC
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DANV3 on LinkedIn LinkedIn group for exhibitors only
Exhibition Poster templates A zip file with 2 exhibition templates for you to use
Poetry format guide Please read before posting poetry.
General project leaflets Please share these on social media