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Music and Songs

You can do some basic protection on your own PC if you record the file as an MP3 or WMA file. AudioShell is a freeware shell extension for windows 2000 and XP - 32 bit only. Install the program and then find the file on your system, right click on it and select properties and select the 'AudioShell Tag Editor' tab and edit the information about your music creation. You can also add a graphic of yourself or the album. Lastly, tick the 'read only' option for the file under the 'General' tab. You should now be able to view the copyright tag and creator's details in Windows Media Player.

Record your music to a CD and finalise it - put it in a suitable envelope and mark it so that the title of the music/song can be easily identified without opening the envelope - then post it to yourself via Royal Mail - Recorded Delivery. DO NOT open it when it arrives. Take your receipt from the Post Office and staple it to the outside of the envelope and put the package somewhere for safe keeping.

Online Copyright Protection These websites offer copyrighting services for music. The charges vary as do the registration requirements. Please check their terms and conditions carefully before using them as I haven't had any dealings with them.


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