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SnowMoon Wolf

Living with PTSD - Journey of a Veteran

Paperback released on 5 Nov 2013
Published by 'SnowMoon Wolf'
Paperback ISBN: 9780956488541
88 pages
Amazon Kindle details ASIN:B00G967VN8
Language: English UK

From the Author

There seem to be subjects and issues that people would rather see swept under the rug. I would count Veterans with PTSD and racism in the UK among them, as well as the rise in corruption in the country. This volume of poetry gives you a glimpse at the issues concerned.

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07 November 2013
Hi Wolf, your book is very well written and is what is needed to bring awareness to what you and many many others did serving their country and when sent home became the forgotten heroes. The present generation dont give a second thought as to where or at what cost our freedom came. Thank you for the book I feel it a privilege to have this book and to know the AUTHOR. GOD BLESS YOU. 5 ot of 5
Gordon C Harrison

07 November 2013

Just finished reading your exhibition book Wolf.

Excellent work! Powerful, moving, and at times disturbing, your poems offer an insight into PTSD and hopefully some good will come of all the work you have put into this. The images are also superb and I hope this exhibition achieves all you have hoped for it. Well done!

5 ot of 5